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It has taken me far too long to be able to write this....Jack past away late last year after a long battle with cancer. He was the lead guide here for ten years. He landed more fish in his life then most of the people who stay here combined. Jack represented everything good that fly fishing has to offer. He was a historian and a keeper of the stream. These were not the waters Jack came to....these streams were his home. He lived and breathed with the turning of the seasons and the hatches. Jack was the best terrestial fisherman I have ever met. His understanding of how trout needed variety in their diet and how that drove them into the shallows to look for beetles and ants, even on a bright sunny day, if I could just sit still and watch long enough, changed my whole relationship with fly fishing. I became a watcher and waiter thanks to Jack. I became a more patient person because of Jack. I was changed by Jack. I grew up a lot because of what I learned from Jack. He wasn't just a great fisherman or man, he was a great friend and I miss him everyday. If you knew him....I know you do too. With all due respect and love....Jonas

Jack has been fly fishing here since the beginning of time or somewhere there about. Jack originally came to fish Penn's Creek in 1951 and has been back every year since, finally settling with his lovely wife Tootsie in Poe Valley in 1962. If there is even a trickle of water in it, Jack has fished it. He is the grandfather I wished I would have had.

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