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5/1/16……May Day!!

The sulphurs contine to build in intensity and we are seeing both big ones and small ones!!

The March browns are amazing right now!

The dry fly fishing has been so good that split shot sales are way down!

The creek is looking healthier from the rain but she is still low. 
Don’t you wish your boyfriend was hot like this?!


Posted May 2, 2016

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4/30/16….And then all hell broke loose!

With the low water and early Spring…..things have exploded!!

Hatches:  March Browns and sulphurs and blue quills and blue wing olives and crane flies and little tan caddis and the beginning of the Slate drakes and………unreal!

It has been one of the best fish catching Springs of my career!

Hope you can get here soon!
Nice job Tin Cup!


Posted April 30, 2016

4/21/16…..good fishing….low water

The hatches been amazing this year so far!  The water is low and it is very easy to get around right now. They are calling for rain in the next few days and that would be great. 
The Grannoms are just past their peak and the hendricksons and quill Gordons are winding down, but we saw the first March browns last night and I think everything is just going to run together this year. I expect the sulphurs to start any day now on Spring creek and with in a week on Penns. 

Mitch found these stone flies this week. One molted and one regular…..thanks bud!


Posted April 21, 2016

4/17/16……Lookin’ Good!

No major changes to report. The streams are low and clear and the bugs are going insane!!
Hey….is that a Grannom?!


Posted April 18, 2016


Today was the real beginning of one of the true ear marks of Spring…..the beginning of the Grannom caddis in Coburn!!  Our first Super Hatch of the year!  
The dry fly fishing was great yesterday with the blue wing olives and hendricksons in the afternoon. Awesome thing to be a part of!
The creeks are low and clear for this time of year and that is making the wading much easier than normal. 
See you soon!
This is what it looks like in one of our tier kitchens!  Blenders are for dubbing!


Posted April 12, 2016

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