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10/16/14….had some much needed rain!

So it rained real good here which we needed! Things are rounding back into shape as we speak. Penns should be good by the weekend and Spring is ready to go now. We have BWOs and blue quills. October caddis and a second smaller caddis. Also egg patterns are starting to work great.

Welcome home Mitch!



Posted October 16, 2014

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USGS Water-data graph for Penns Creek

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9/24/14…A great day of the year!

Hello all! Hope things are good where you are. It has become Fall here and I am loving it! The water is cold and the fish are happy. It’s low on our creeks but that just makes finding them all the easier.
Slate drakes and October caddis and light cahills and blue quills and crane flies are the most prevalent bugs.
The dry fly action has been very good. See ya soon.

WE WILL BE CLOSED ON OCTOBER 2nd. Sorry for any inconvenience


Look at the scales on that trout!


Posted September 24, 2014

Patagonia River Guides presentation Sat. the 13th at 11AM!!

Alex Knull of Patagonia River Guides is coming to give a presentation at The Feathered Hook on Saturday, September 13th at 11AM! It is a great talk about an amazing area. He is passing through on his way home from Kamchatka! There will be food and beverages served! Hope you can make it.


Posted September 8, 2014

9/7/14…’s all good

Things here are good. The fishing has been good. Risers in the morning and evening. Slate drakes. Light cahills. Blue quills. Etc.

Hope you’re good.

The smallie fishing has been good too!


Posted September 7, 2014


Hello all. Sorry for the spotty service. Sometimes the real world gets in the way of this wonderful job…..and now….the fishing report!

All the creeks in the area have summered extremely well!
We have had lots of thunderstorms and wonderful cool nights.
The fish have remained active and the bugs have been good.
Slate drakes, blue quills, light cahills, small tan caddies, midges, tricos and terrestrials.

I hope we are able to simply slide into fall and enjoy a great water year.

Good job Guy… are alright…


Posted August 27, 2014

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